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About Us

Runbo are the market leaders for "Rugged" devices ensuring that you stay communicating no matter what the industry or environment you are in.

Runbo offers mobile devices and accessories for those who place high demands on durability. Runbo products have been developed to be used in any environment without the need to take into account the weather. When you buy a phone from Runbo we ensure that it is able to be handled carelessly without the risk of breakage. While regular mobile phones are quick to break, Runbo devices are built to last.

Runbo is the most resistant smartphone device on the market. It’s built for people in tough environments who need a tool they can trust under all circumstances. Integrated into each Runbo phone is a walkie talkie which enables you to communicate with other radio communications around you.

They also come full of useful functions, such as GPS, SOS button for help in critical situations, up to two SIM cards, and a “man down” feature that detects if you fall from a high location, which will then trigger the SOS function to get you help as fast as possible.

Who are Vibe Active Technologies? Vibe Active Technologies are part of the Vibe Active Group providing businesses through the UK with fast cost effect business communications solutions for over 15 years.